stump smash

stump smash is good in power stats.





stump smashes movesEdit

Wood Hammer Acorn Spit Petrified Pummel Thorn Bark Stump Crusher Combos

console statsEdit

  • Health - 340 (max. 680)
  • Speed - 43 (max. 83)
  • Armor - 30 (max. 63)
  • Critical Hit - 20 (max. 70)
  • Elemental Power - 25 (max. 100)


Species: Ent
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Skylands
Element: Life
Appearances: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
Attacks/Actions: Wood Hammer

Acorn Spit Petrified Pummel Thorn Bark Stump Crusher Combos

English Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson


Starting Abilities

These abilities are available from the start of the game.

Soul Gem Ability

Requires Soul Gem from: Perilious Pastures

Pulverize Spiny Acorns Waterlogged

Primary Ability Uncork a Stumpfist smash.


Secondary Ability Split acorns at your foes to slow them down.


Price: 4000 You can float and regain health in water.

Basic UpgradesSkylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone in the Ruins.

Petrified Pummel Spiny Acorns Meganut Thornbark

Price: 500 Stumpfist attacks do increased damage.


Price: 700 Acorns are spiny and thus do increased damage.


Price: 900 Create a Meganut that damages any enemy it touches


Price: 1200 Thorns shoot out when you hit, damaging all nearby enemies.

Smash 'N' BashThis upgrade path lets you further develop your Stumpfist attacks.

Stump Crusher Combos Acorn Croquet Smash Meganut

Price: 1700 Trigger a powerful Stumpfist attack.


Price: 2200 When facing a Meganut, send it flying at your enemies.


Price: 3000 When facing a Meganut, detonate it and damage enemies.

Nut CrafterThis upgrade path lets you further develop your Acorn and Megacorn abilities.

Pollen Plume Meganut Propagation Double Nut

Price: 1700 Acorns explode, growing plants on all nearby enemies.


Price: 2200 When facing a Meganut, make it burst into acorns.


Price: 3000 Spit 2 Acorns at once!


Stump Smash was once a magical tree that spent most of his time sleeping peacefully in the forests of Skylands. Then one day he awoke to discover his entire forest had been chopped down and logged by trolls – himself included. His long branches were gone, leaving him with only powerful mallets for hands, which he used to smash the troll tree-cutting machines. Although still grumpy about what happened to him, Stump Smash has vowed to protect Skylands against those who would do it harm… especially trolls.




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